Austrian Institute Of Technology PICME


Oak Microarray PICME_Oak_20K
Library Spots
Quercus petraea, Root 7.442
Quercus robur, Differentiating Xylem 3.533
Quercus petraea, Bud 3.502
Quercus robur, Leaf 3.088
Quercus petraea, Apex Root 361
Quercus robur, Apex Root 319
Oak, ARC 300
Controls 1.152

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Available Arrays
Name Hardware Description
PICME_Oak_20K_1_1 GeneMachines Omnigrid II
PICME_Oak_20K_1_2 GeneMachines Omnigrid II
PICME_Oak_20K_1_3 GeneMachines Omnigrid II
PICME_Oak_20K_1_4 GeneMachines Omnigrid II