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With the emergence of huge data sets on ESTs (expressed sequence tags) on various plant species, we will be facing the problem on how to work with these decentralised resources.

PICME establishes an EST repository for the forestry and plant genomics community. Sequence characterised cDNA fragments from various species produced by collaborating institutes and consortia are collected and made accessible to the scientific community as tailor made DNA chips. The mission of PICME is to integrate plant genomic research by opening up EST resources to a wider public. A centralised EST repository will ease global knowledge generation as well as know how and technology transfer to less developed countries by providing standardised and quality assured material.

EST Warehouse

  • Fully automated sample management
  • Reliable sample tracking applying quality management to all clones and associated data in the PICME database under strict standards
  • Available collections of several species - physical database being continuously expanded

Custom tailored cDNA Microarrays

  • Standardised High Quality Medium and High Density Microarrays
  • Boutique Microarrays

Additional Services

  • Custom sample preparation and storage
  • Hybridization service
  • Spotting service
  • Chip readout service
  • Full custom analysis of provided material
  • Provision of our associated databases for bioinformatics services

Publication on PICME in Bioworld 01-03



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